Black Donuts Conducts an Objective Review Of Milliken’s Newest Tire Innovation, MilliCap™

Black Donuts Engineering is proud to announce our partnership with Milliken to conduct a comprehensive review of their revolutionary tire innovation, MilliCap™.

MilliCap™, a precision-slit textile, has been designed to revolutionize tire manufacturing.

MilliCap™ was developed to shorten tire manufacturing cycles, improve cost efficiencies while prioritizing sustainability, and reduce the rubber weight. 

Milliken partnered with our Black Doughnuts Engineering team,  to conduct an objective evaluation of their newest Cap Ply tire innovation, MilliCap™ . We meticulously examined both the production process and product performance, ensuring a thorough and unbiased review. To maintain transparency, our experts worked alongside Milliken’s team from the start. The selection of test tires was a crucial aspect of our evaluation, considering three pivotal factors:

  • Speed Rating
  • Tire Size
  • Winding Profiles

The outcome? Five vital conclusions that showcase the potential of MilliCap™:

  1. MilliCap can be processed with existing equipment
  2. Rolling resistance improves up to 5%
  3. Rubber usage reduces by approximately 4%
  4. Longer shelf life (1 year) increases production flexibility
  5. MilliCap enables skipping the calendaring step and decreases scrap, further optimizing the manufacturing process

In summary, the results of Black Donuts evaluation indicate that MilliCap™ is not just a smart choice for the future; it’s a game-changer in tire innovation. Reduced rubber usage, improved rolling resistance, and enhanced manufacturing efficiency make MilliCap™ a good choice for the future.

For a full article and the findings, please visit this link.

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