What Will Black Donuts Showcase at The Tire Tech Expo 2024?


The Tire Technology EXPO 2024 in Hanover is a must-attend event where experts from the tire industry gather to share the latest and greatest innovations. In a recent interview for Tire Technology International, Tomi Pekkola, the VP of Sales & Marketing Director at Black Donuts Engineering Inc., gave a glimpse of what to expect from Black Donuts at the EXPO. Here is the summary:

Your Road to Success: From Concept to Reality with Black Donuts

At the heart of our operations lies the promise of providing all-inclusive solutions. From drawing to testing, our professionals have the necessary skills to cover all areas of tire manufacture and technology, including processes, material selection and equipment. Our goal at the Tire Technology EXPO 2024 is simple: we want to be your one-stop solution for everything related to tires, from research and development to tire testing.

Sustainability and Tire Tech: The Future is Green

Sustainability is at the forefront of tire technology, and Black Donuts is leading the way. We’re conducting advanced tests on different types of tires to meet new road wear regulations and ensure our tires are eco-friendly. We look forward to sharing our tire testing methods and road wear impact assessment.

But that’s not all Tomi Pekkola reveals!

“Black Donuts guides the tire industry newcomers on the road to success as we are a full-service technology house offering turnkey solutions for designing, building, supervising and running a smart tire plant with maximized productivity and best-in-class products.”


If you’re curious about the tire industry and want to explore the exciting world of tire technology, Black Donuts is your trusted partner. Don’t miss out on the Tire Technology EXPO 2024 – join us!


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Tire Technology Expo 2024 Hanover

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