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The tire industry is evolving and Black Donuts is steering it forward. Leading the way throughout the entire value chain, we help to create smart, sustainable and efficient factories to produce high-end tires.

We are a full service partner for established and new tire manufacturers. Our scope of services extends from scratch to the end: from feasibility studies and tire plant designs to production ramp-up, market-ready product lines and continuous R&D.



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Black Donuts initially did everything for us, since we were new to the business. Now, they focus on helping us to develop our internal capabilities.

Why choose us?

How does 1000+ years of tire industry experience sound? That is us. In addition, you can enjoy the broad and deep knowledge of our brilliant partner network.

With us, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. We connect separate functions into an optimized entity that reaches your objectives effectively and reliably.

Trial and error is a good way to learn. In making an investment grow, it is no option. Only a carefully designed entity and smooth implementation lead to maximized productivity.

You don’t have to modify your goals to fit our systems. Our full service concept adapts to your unique vision and needs.

Optimized production means optimized products. In our hands, your new factory will produce premium tires at Tier 3 costs.

A completed implementation or launch is not the finish line. Our continuous R&D keeps your production and products always in the frontline of tire technology.

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