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We can help you handle them all. From endless desert roads to perilous mountain passes, from hot asphalt to icy winter roads, we make sure you stay on the right track and reach your goal. Or when you long for new adventures, paths unbeaten, we can be your far-sighted and fearless companion.



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Every tire is designed to have an optimal grip, comfort and handling properties, and to look appealing.

Why choose us?

With us, you get access to the latest technology, the smartest innovations and the most advanced materials. All this means best-in-class product qualities, such as superior performance, low rolling resistance and a quiet ride.

We help you beat the most demanding conditions and master all roads. Our broad expertise covers summer and winter tires, studded tires, tires for electric vehicles, TBR and OTR. Comprehensive indoor and outdoor tests ensure that your product performs as planned in real-life conditions.

We design tires with the lowest rolling resistance and the highest energy efficiency. We consider every aspect of tire lifecycle: from optimizing biomaterial use to minimizing emissions and maximizing recyclability.

Why choose the long road to master unknown areas? With us, you can take over new nichés in a blink of an eye. Or when there is an urgent need for experienced professionals – let our expertise and modern tools impress you.

How about 10 % savings in raw material costs? In our hands, the tires get lighter, and your profits get heavier. Productivity grows along with the operating efficiency.

We know the best compounds for different conditions and target performances. Enjoy the benefits of the most advanced materials in a cost-effective way.

We know different markets and their standards. Every new regulation and emerging trend is being considered. Above all, we understand your customers and their preferences – whether you are focusing on end customers or OEMs.

As a full-service technology house, we can provide you everything from tire design to raw material selection, molds and studs – as well as our production intelligence. We work hands-on with you throughout the entire process.

Knowing the tire manufacturing process and latest technologies from the inside out, we can optimize your process for achieving the desired outcome. Our specialists make sure that every detail in the production aligns with your goals.