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Why Choose Us?

As a full-service technology house, we offer you the entire solutions for designing, building and running a smart and sustainable tire plant with maximized productivity and best-in-class products. We work hands-on with you throughout the entire process.

We design tires with the lowest rolling resistance and the highest energy efficiency. We consider every aspect of tire lifecycle: from optimizing biomaterial use to minimizing emissions and maximizing recyclability.

We design the world’s smartest and most sustainable tire factories by combining new technologies and automation with our strong industrial knowhow. For the existing tire plants, we provide advanced optimization that makes them take giant leaps towards smart factory effectiveness.

Optimized production means optimized products. In our hands, your new factory will produce premium tires at Tier 3 costs.

We help you beat the most demanding conditions and master all roads. Our broad expertise covers summer and winter tires, studded tires, tires for electric vehicles, TBR and OTR. Comprehensive indoor and outdoor tests ensure that your product performs as planned in real-life conditions.

How does 1000+ years of tire industry experience sound? That is us. In addition, you can enjoy the broad and deep knowledge of our brilliant partner network.


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changing the future - one tire at a time

Now is the time to revolutionise the tire industry. As a world-leader in tire technology, we want to do our part for future generations.

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