tire plant technology

Tire Plant Technology

We design the world’s smartest and most sustainable tire factories by combining new technologies and automation with our strong industrial knowhow. For the existing tire plants, we provide advanced optimization that makes them take giant leaps towards smart factory effectiveness.

Unlike hands-off consultancies, we are your hands-on partner through all stages. We work with you on site and remotely to ensure that every detail in the production aligns with your goals.


new tire plants developed



lower material costs



more efficiency

We show you the way


It’s our knowledge of the big picture that adds value to the customer.

Why choose us?

As a full-service technology house, we offer you the entire solutions for designing, building and running a smart and sustainable tire plant with maximized productivity and best-in-class products. We work hands-on with you throughout the entire process.

With us, you get access to the latest technology, the smartest innovations and the most advanced automation tools.

We help you do more with less. A 10% decrease in raw material costs together with a 20% better operating efficiency means that your manufacturing cost per unit will be remarkably lower.

Assuming total responsibility for the production design, ramp-up, and material handling, we make sure there are no cost overruns, delays or quality deficits. We supervise on site and control that every detail in the production aligns with your goals.

Even minor quality problems can erode profit. We help to fuel your operational excellence with process optimization. Stabilizing the processes and reducing bottlenecks leads to quality improvements and better production efficiency.

Our finetuned processes and advanced technology tools enable a smooth ramp up. The reduced time-to-market generates faster and greater ROI.

Modularity allows a flexible installation of individual production modules. This allows you to stretch your investment out over a longer time period.

Let us unfold your factory’s true potential. A complete plant rebuild is seldom required, but sometimes a simple technology upgrade or an improvement in a single process phase gives a major boost in productivity.

A streamlined manufacturing process means fewer delays and significant cost savings while improving quality and overall productivity.