Black Donuts’ Decade-Long Journey with Proven Strategic Suppliers!

Over the last ten years Black Donuts has gained a unique understanding of the importance of choosing carefully, and continuously developing relations with proven strategic suppliers. We are committed to offering clients the very best combination of technical performance balanced with economic sensitivity.

Our supplier partners have made a strong global undertaking with us to co-develop state of the art solutions and products. We provide the strongest technological, competitive, and strategic advantages within your enterprise and across your operation.

In addition to our activities to ensure the highest performance from suppliers, we work in partnership with the various technical departments in order to develop competitive advantage and to optimise supplier performance in any client chosen solution package.

Machine and Equipment Manufacturing Partners

Our machine & equipment builders, OEM partners and suppliers of consumables provide bespoke and innovative solutions that combine with our technologies to give you a competitive advantage in the tire industry.

Tire Technology Partners

With Black Donuts knowhow our clients can immediately access the very best in raw materials from the most reliable and technically competent suppliers around the world. Our collaboration with material and testing institutes and laboratories ensures qualified and smooth validation of product whether it is in early stage of development or in final type approval stage.

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