EURL SATEREX, a Newcomer in the Tire Industry, and Black Donuts Engineering

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Entering the tire industry as a newcomer presents a unique blend of challenges and opportunities. This highly competitive market is dominated by established brands with extensive resources and decades of experience. New entrants must navigate a complex regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with stringent quality standards while investing heavily in cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Additionally, building a robust distribution network and achieving brand recognition in a crowded marketplace demands strategic planning and significant marketing efforts. However, with the right partnerships and innovative strategies, newcomers can overcome these obstacles and achieve substantial success, as exemplified by Eurl Saterex’s remarkable journey.

Eurl Saterex Early Goals

Picture: Miniature table model for Iris Tyres PCR site

When Eurl Saterex approached Black Donuts Engineering Inc., Eurl Saterex had three key objectives:

  1. to establish a cutting-edge tire plant,
  2. meet a production capacity of 2 million tires annually, and
  3. ensure their tires surpassed the quality standards set by the leading premium brands.

Today, Saterex has successfully distributed its tyres across the USA, Europe, Brazil and the Middle East. With approximately 100 SKU’s and several product lines for PCR, Eurl Saterex’s products not only meet but surpass the stringent quality standards of these regions, while also achieving a manufacturing capacity of 2 million tires per year. Moreover, Eurl Saterex has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, illustrating its commitment to global quality management. Additionally, they’ve attained IATF 16949 certification, a global Quality Management System Standard for the Automotive industry, showcasing their adherence to the highest standards of excellence.


Picture: TBR site, raw material receival and mixing buildings, May 2024


  • Customer-newcomer: Eurl Saterex
  • Location: Setif, Algeria
  • Employees:500
  • Industry: Tire Manufacturing
  • Projects: PCR plant, phase 1
  • PCR Expansion (phase 2)
  • TBR plant at new site at Lehlatma, Algeria


Picture: 3 TBR site manufacturing buildings, May 2024

What factors led you to choose the Black Donuts Engineering Inc. (BDE) team to guide you through establishing a tire factory, particularly considering your status as a newcomer?

When we reached out to the BDE team, we were starting to understand the ins and outs of tire production, like selecting materials, designing tires, quality ensuring, and understanding the market. As a newcomer to tire manufacturing, BDE showed us their straightforward plan for building a brand-new tire factory. They have five clear phases: first, they do a technical study, then pre-design; next comes the realization phase, followed by ramp-up, getting everything up and running smoothly; and finally, they offer optional long-term technical support, which is to be chosen. They also provided recommendations regarding the staffing levels for all phases.

Could you explain how BDE’s plan to set up a tire factory aligns with your goals as a newcomer in the tire manufacturing industry?

We decided to work with BDE because they offered a thorough plan to guide us through starting a tire factory. Their approach matched our expectations by providing a clear path to establish the factory.

We were interested with their initial focus on pre-construction phases, which gave us a solid understanding before moving forward. This structured approach gave us confidence as startups, knowing that each step was carefully planned and executed.

Additionally, the option for long-term technical support reassured us that BDE is committed to our success beyond the initial setup phase, aligning perfectly with our aspirations for sustainable growth and development in the tire manufacturing industry.

What specific roles has BDE played in the ongoing projects, particularly in the PCR expansion and TBR plant setup, and how has their involvement contributed to the progress and success of these initiatives?

Automated semi-finished material high-bay warehouse

We’ve worked on three projects with BDE, two of which are ongoing. The first project involved designing a PCR tire plant for a new site, with a capacity of 2 million pieces per year, weight optimized tires. BDE handled various tasks such as plant design, MES, R&D, tread pattern design, raw material specifications and compounding, and tire testing. They started with pre-design and progressed through other tasks like MES setup and R&D. We’re currently finalizing the PCR expansion project and a TBR plant setup with BDE’s assistance, with their team actively involved in the construction design phase.


The service BDE delivered was:

  • Tire technology for PCR and TBR
  • TBR process technology
  • Utility design
  • Construction support and supervising
  • Additional tire sizes
  • Mixing area controls
  • Mixer platform design
  • MES
  • Factory network
  • CMMS
  • Quality systems
  • Mould maintenance procedures and equipment
  • Dies and preformers, aluminum spools
  • Utility automation design and system
  • PCR process technology
  • Pre-designs
  • Start-up and ramp-up for production
  • Industrialization for tires and equipment
  • Highbay-warehouse for PCR /TBR final products and raw materials


Please share your thoughts on the final results of these projects.

Steel-belt cutter at PCR expansion IRIS
Steelbelt cutter at PCR expansion

Our initial goal was to manufacture and sell 2 million pieces of PCR tire products annually. This success wouldn’t have been possible without BDE’s valuable support and guidance.

We’re not just meeting our manufacturing targets but also successfully selling PCR tires locally and exporting them to various countries. We aim to match the quality of premium global brands, and we’re proud to share that our operating PCR plant have received ISO 9000, ISO 14001 certificates, and ongoing certifications IATF 16949.


The brand names for our PCR tires, designed by BDE, include Iris Aures, -Ecoris, -Sefar, -Sportpassion, and -Stormy.  We’re currently in the final stages of the PCR expansion and initiating machinery installation for the TBR plant, scheduled to finalized by the end of 2024.

How satisfied are you with your first project with BDE and the cooperation you experienced?

As a newcomer, we relied on BDE from the initial design phase to project execution. Despite concerns about COVID, BDE maintained communication and guided us through the process online. We are grateful for their support and dedication. One crucial aspect was R&D; lacking our own, we outsourced to BDE. They played a pivotal role in providing on-site support throughout all tire manufacturing processes to ensure the precise implementation of specifications and instructions delivered by BDE, greatly enhancing the efficiency of production operations. BDE handled compound recipes, tread pattern design, curing mold design, and organized tire testing. Their onsite industrialization, tire testing, and sales support further enhanced our confidence.

Ultimately, our goal was to at least match the quality of top global premium tire brands, and we’re pleased to say we’ve achieved that benchmark with BDE’s invaluable assistance.