The Greenfield Tire Plant Planning and Design: Rolling Out the First Tire in 24 Months

Black Donuts Engineering is a leading independent R&D specialist and the only one-stop-shop solution provider for the entire industry, from R&D to tire testing to greenfield tire plant design and execution. 

Our streamlined tire factory building process is divided into five essential phases. From initial consultation to ongoing support, our team is dedicated to ensuring your success every step of the way. 

From Vision to Realization, We Design and Execute Your Tire Plant - Start to Finish.

Five-Phase Blueprint

We follow our five-phase approach. Our expertise in tire manufacturing technology, from design to testing, ensures that your project aligns with your goals and global sustainability standards. All you need to bring is the vision, location and finances – we manage the rest, from blueprints to the final product. 

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How we work

Transforming an idea into reality requires meticulous planning and execution. With Black Donuts’ Greenfield Turnkey Solution, you can rest assured knowing that every aspect of your new tire factory is meticulously designed and flawlessly implemented. 

New Stud Technology

EnTIRE Factory

We plan, design, and implement a tire manufacturing plant that meets the highest standards of efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability. 

Product Development

Tire & Material Development

We specialize in the development of cutting-edge tires and materials that set new standards in performance, durability, and ecological responsibility. 

MES in greenfield tire factory

SMART Factory

Our Smart Factory Solutions harness the latest in automation, data analytics, and process optimization to ensure your factory is not just part of the industry but leading it.

Black Donuts China Conference

We are handling everything from buying equipment to supervising construction. With our guidance, you'll be able to source the necessary equipment, materials, and workforce to turn predesign into a tangible reality. We also handle bidding processes, procurement, utility and construction design, on-site supervision, technical support, maintenance strategies, and installation. Our team works tirelessly, ensuring every brick laid is a step towards an eco-friendly world. 

  • Cost Estimate 

We will provide a detailed estimate of the overall cost of setting up the greenfield tire plant.

  • Location Selection

Identifying the optimal location for the plant is essential. We will conduct a thorough analysis based on geographical factors, ensuring proximity to raw materials and efficient transportation infrastructure to minimize operational costs and logistical challenges.

  • Environmental Compliance

Our commitment to ecological sustainability is unwavering. We will guide you through the regulatory landscape, ensuring full environmental regulation compliance to minimize potential risks and liabilities.

  • Safety and Quality Standards

The safety of your workforce and the quality of our tire production are top priorities. We will implement rigorous safety protocols and maintain the highest production standards in the tire manufacturing facility.

  • Sustainability Initiatives

To reduce the environmental impact of our tire production process, we will work together to implement sustainable measures and eco-friendly practices that align with your values and industry standards.

  • Supplier and Partner Selection

Identifying key suppliers and partners for raw materials, machinery, and technology is crucial. We will leverage our extensive network and expertise to collaborate with the most reliable and reputable partners to ensure the success of your project.

  • Supply Chain Optimization

Our team will optimize the supply chain to guarantee a consistent flow of raw materials and the efficient distribution of finished products, maximizing productivity and minimizing disruptions.

  • Project Timeline and Challenges

We will provide a clear and realistic timeline for construction and production startup and a comprehensive risk assessment to anticipate and mitigate potential delays or challenges.

  • Quality Control and Testing

Maintaining the safety and performance of our clients tires is paramount. We will establish stringent quality control measures and rigorous testing processes to meet the highest product standards consistently.